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In-Person Marketing

Online advertising might sound like a great idea on the surface. But do those click rates really translate into measurable results?

The digital marketplace is teaming with competitors vying for people’s attention, leaving many brands out in the cold. We know that connecting consumers to new products requires a personal touch, which is why KCM shifts away from online crowds and focuses instead on connecting with buyers in ways no pop-up can: in person.

We Put the Focus on You
at KCM

You’ve got a great product, one that people will crave. Let KCM develop the precise direct sales campaign to help you share your value with the world.

Focused Research
We learn all about your brand and your targeted customer base. Our research pinpoints the talking points we need to articulate why consumers have to have your product NOW.
Personalized Approach
Our one-on-one marketing gives your product a boost that creates the ultimate word-of-mouth buzz. We’ll get people talking fast with personal messages delivered through seamlessly executed campaigns.
Swift Promotion Deployment
We move quickly, fueled by our team’s energy, to create and launch a campaign that elevates your product ahead of competitors. Expect measurable outcomes.

KCM has extensive experience serving brands of all sizes.

With our scalable model, we create strategies to fit diverse needs and objectives. You’ll soon see why we’ve earned a solid reputation for excellence in live promotions in our region.

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